Scientific Director

Stefano Taddei

Stefano Taddei

Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Pisa
Pisa, Italy

Scientific Committee

Antonio Cittadini

Antonio Cittadini

University of Naples Federico II
Naples, Italy
Amir Lerman

Amir Lerman

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Rochester (MN)
Christoph A. Nienaber

Christoph A. Nienaber

Imperial College The Royal Brompton & Harefield Trust Consultant / Cardiology and Aortic Centre
London, UK
Harry A.J. Struijker-Boudier

Harry A.J. Struijker-Boudier

Department of Pharmacology Maastricht University
The Netherlands
Brian Tomlinson

Brian Tomlinson

Faculty of Medicine · Macau University of Science & Technology ·
Taipa, Macau, China

· Stefano Taddei ·

Stefano Taddei is Full Professor of Internal Medicine, currently working as Director of the Hypertension Unit at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the University of Pisa, Italy. He is a fellow of the European Society of Cardiology, member of the European, International and American Society of Hypertension, the European Society of Clinical Investigation and the High Blood Pressure Council of the American Heart Association. Professor Taddei is an editorial board member for numerous international and national scientific journals, Hypertension, Journal of Hypertension, Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Blood Pressure and he is Deputy Editor of the European Heart Journal. His main research area is the neuro-humoral control of peripheral peripheral arterial circulation in essential and secondary hypertension, with particular emphasis on adrenergic mechanisms, non-adrenergic neurotransmitters, the circulating and vascular renin-angiotensin system and endothelial function. Professor Taddei has participated in numerous clinical studies and is the authors of more than 400 original papers, reviews editorials and book chapters in international scientific journals (H index: 74; Impact Factor: >3000).

· Antonio Cittadini ·

Antonio Cittadini is full professor of Internal Medicine at the Department of Translational Medical Sciences of the Federico II University in Naples and Chief Director of the Unit of Internal Medicine, Metabolism & Rehabilitation at “Federico II” University Hospital of Naples. Moreover he is the head of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Biomedical Materials (C.R.I.B.), Federico II” University, Naples, Italy. Prof. Cittadini has more than 30 years of clinical and research experience in Chronic Heart Failure. He did part of his training at the Beth Israel Hospital of Harvard Medical School in Boston (USA). He focused both on basic research as well as on clinical research. He was the founder of the multicenter registry TOSCA that involved more than 20 Heart Failure clinics across Italy. The TOSCA registry aims in investigating the role played by hormonal comorbidities in Heart Failure.

· Amir Lerman ·

Amir Lerman, M.D., is an endowed named Barbara Lips Professor of Medicine and a Consultant in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medicine. Dr. Lerman serves as an Associate Chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and the Director of the Cardiovascular Research Center at Mayo Clinic, and the Medical Director of the Chest Pain and Coronary Physiology Clinic. Dr. Lerman serves as the Medical Director of Mayo-Israeli startup company initiative and on the faculty of the Merage Institute for Medical Innovation. Dr. Lerman graduated from the Technion School of Medicine in Haifa, Israel and completed his training in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine and Invasive Cardiology at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Leman’s interest is coronary physiology and imaging, regenerative medicine, innovative technologies, and digital health.

Dr. Lerman has published more than 630 manuscripts, book chapters, and reviews. The NIH, AHA, and several foundations support his research.

· Christoph A. Nienaber ·

Christoph A Nienaber is a certified internist, cardiologist and interventional cardiovascular specialist with significant experience in advanced cardiovascular care. He developed his academic career at University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, undertaking a temporary post at UCLA School of Medicine. He chaired internal medicine and cardiology at Universitätsmedizin Rostock until May 2015 when he took on his role at Royal Brompton Hospital. Professor Nienaber is a consultant cardiologist at Royal Brompton Hospital, with his research and clinical activities focused on the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of acute and chronic aortic pathologies, such as aneurysms and aortic dissection. His role sees him consult with patients who have aortic conditions, and their families, to help them understand their disease better and provide the best treatment option. He is the co-founder of IRAD (International Registry of Aortic Dissection), which operates as a global network for acute aortic conditions. Through this, he has pioneered new endovascular techniques to treat aortic dissection and initiated and participated in guideline-changing trials. His research also encompasses modern interventional approaches to structural heart disease, including:

  • transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)
  • thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR)
  • left-atrial appendage occlusion
  • patent foramen ovale
  • atrial septal defect II-occlusion
  • non-surgical management of aortic coarctation and malformations.

Professor Nienaber has a long-standing record as an academic teacher, international lecturer and reviewer. He has published more than 500 peer-reviewed scientific papers, a number of book chapters and serves on the editorial boards for a selection of journals.

· Harry A. J. Struijker-Boudier ·

Harry Struijker-Boudier is emeritus professor of pharmacology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and former director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht. His scientific career focused on cardiovascular pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, in particular in the area of hypertension. He was member and vice-chairman of the Scientific Council of the European Society of Hypertension as well as board member of the European Federation of Pharmacological Societies and the council member of the International Society of Vascular Health. In addition to his position at Maastricht University he held appointments as visiting professor at several universities in the United States, Asia and Europe. At present he is chairman of the Scientific Board of the Paris Cardiovascular Research Center and the Nancy Cardiovascular Research Center in France. He (co)authored more than 500 papers in international journals and books on cardiovascular diseases and their treatment. The total number of citations of these papers is >40,000. He is doctor honoris causa of the Université de Liège in Belgium, recipient of the Descartes-Huygens prize of the French Government and Officer of the Order of Oranje-Nassau of the Dutch Royal House.

· Brian Tomlinson ·

Brian Tomlinson is Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Macau University of Science & Technology since 2019 and Consultant at the University Hospital in Macau. He was previously Professor of Medicine and Therapeutics in the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics from 2007 until 2015 and Head of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology from 2003 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was Honorary Consultant Physician at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong from 1990 to 2019. He trained as a specialist in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology at the Middlesex Hospital and University College London and he has a particular clinical and research interest in lipid disorders, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. He has participated in many early phase clinical trials with various types of medication and in later phase international trials in hyperlipidaemia, hypertension and diabetes. He is an author on over 500 publications in peer-reviewed journals. He is currently the Chair of the Asia-Pacific Federation of the International Atherosclerosis Society and is a Past-President of the Asian-Pacific Society of Atherosclerosis and Vascular Diseases.

· Martin O. Savage ·

Martin Savage is Emeritus Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology at William Harvey Research Institute, Barts and the London School of Medicine & Dentistry, Queen Mary, University of London. He was head of the Paediatric Endocrine Unit at Barts and the London School of Medicine from 1982 to 2007. He has interests in growth disorders, specifically those with abnormalities in the GH-IGF-1 axis and in phenotype-genotype relationships of GH-IGF-1 axis defects, notably GH resistance. He published the first human case of an IGF-1 gene defect in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1996.  His other interests are Cushing’s syndrome and growth in chronic inflammatory diseases. He was General Secretary of the European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology (ESPE) from 1997 to 2004. He has lectured in 60 countries and has published 482 original articles, reviews, textbook chapters and books. In 2007, he was awarded the ESPE Andrea Prader Prize for contributions to paediatric endocrinology and in 2018 he received a Visionary Award from the American Human Growth Foundation. In 2022, he received a Research Excellence Award from the Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Journal in Riyadh, and the British Society of Paediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes James M. Tanner Lifetime Achievement Award. He continues to lecture nationally and internationally.