Patients, social media and thyroid disorders

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Patients, social media and thyroid disorders

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Launch: 25 September 2024


The internet, social media and video providers (like TikToc and YouTube) present a wide array of health information, and seeking online health information (OHI) has become a common practice globally [Zhang, 2021]. Growing largely unregulated and organically, OHI is easily accessible and searchable and is often the first stop for many people for more information on medical symptoms, especially if professional medical support is expensive or not readily available. It is also often accessed after a doctor-provided diagnosis, for more information and to check for options beyond those provided by the medical professional. There is a suggestion that particularly younger people are moving away from doctor-provided health information to greater reliance on internet sources. However, the unregulated and open nature of information on the internet and social media sites can also lead to misinformation.  

The advent of OHI creates challenges for healthcare professionals who can face misinformed but determined patients. Many in the population rely on OHI, which may be low quality. They themselves may have poor health information literacy but are trying to manage their own and other’s health without sufficient knowledge/skills to identify misinformation and disinformation.

This podcast will discuss engaging with patients who believe contentious and misleading health information, specifically relating to thyroid disorders. It will also expalin how patients are using OHI, how their social demographic influences their use, how to direct patients to sources of information which are trustworthy (for example, YouTube videos from government organizations and professional associations) and to debunk myths promoted on some online health sites.

This podcast will focus on internet health information for thyroid disorders, but the content will be highly applicable to other disease areas. 

Learning Objectives

After listening to this podcast, participants will be able to:

Target Audience

Clinicians involved in endocrinology, particularly thyroid disorders and general practice; some content of interest to pediatricians, biochemists, clinical and research scientists, and those involved in pre-natal, pregnancy and post-natal care.


English with voice-over into Spanish and Chinese

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