05 May 2023 LIVE WEBINAR – from 14.00 to 15.30 CEST

Successful hGH administration can transform the life of a child who was destined to live with significant short stature into an adolescent facing adulthood confidently with height within the normal range. The aims of this webinar are to discuss how to optimize benefit from rhGH, which is dependent on three key factors.

Firstly, investigation must identify the children with GH deficiency who are likely to respond best to rhGH treatment. Secondly, it is now clear that adherence to the standard hGH injection regimen is subnormal in a large number of patients, impacting their clinical growth response. Understanding the causes and psychopathology of poor adherence is a major component of hGH management, and clinician and care team input and support to address this issue is crucial to treatment success. Finally, a major advance has recently occurred with the development and marketing of LAGH leading to weekly, rather than daily administration. As clinical experience with this new therapy remains limited, this webinar will provide information on the new therapies, and an opportunity for discussion with clinicians who have experience of the new treatments.

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